Here are our online worship services.

3.8.20 - A Time of Challenge

"Journey to the Cross" Series

Today we discuss the challenges we face in life. But, when we say "challenges," we don't mean the rough patches in life. The challenges we're examining are the endeavors we undertake to get through struggles.

3.1.20 - A Time of Learning

"Journey to the Cross" Series

On this first Sunday in Lent, we discuss how our times in the wilderness and temptations serve as positive and necessary "stopping places" along our journeys.

2.9.20 - iCharacter

Today we discuss the character of God that is lived out through us. Although we might be ordinary, together with God, we can do extraordinary things.

1.5.20 - Who We Are :: Our Epiphany to Others

Today, we discuss the "mystery" story which God has revealed to us. This story has been "tattooed" upon us and is revealed in our daily lives. What tattoos (our decisions and actions) do the world see? What do these words reveal about ourselves to others?

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