We have entered the season of Advent, the four-week period prior to Christmas. The word "Advent" comes from a Latin word which means "arrival" or "coming." And, yes, we wait for Christmas to arrive because we have been waiting to open presents! But, more importantly, we wait for Christmas to arrive, because we wait for the birth of Jesus. Wait a minute! (No pun intended) Wasn't Jesus born over 2000 years ago? Why are we waiting for his birth if it already happened. Advent is an odd time in that it captures past, present, and future. Yes, Jesus was born a long time ago. But, we wait to celebrate his birth as our reminder that God fulfills promises! God promised to send a redeemer to resurrect the earth and all its people. And God did! And, the word "Advent" also comes from a Greek word that refers to Jesus' second coming. So, while we live in the present and remember the past, we also wait for Jesus' second coming to make God's Kingdom complete - on earth as it is in heaven. What are you waiting for? A broken heart to mend, your bills to be paid, a relationship to be restored? Whatever you wait for, Advent is a time to slow down and listen for God's voice. God is speaking and letting us know that all will be well, peace is coming, and all of us are loved! May we wait with hope, peace, love, and joy for the coming of the One who resurrects all our hopes, dreams, and lives! -- Pastor Rick --

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