Tuscaloosa Tornado Recovery
   April, 2012

L to R: Frank Baskin, Jerry Capp, Randy Hembree, David Hamlyn,
Mike Brezell, Marvin Walker, Pat Paton, Ernie Jenhke
The damage in the path of the tornado.

Ernie Jahnke & Frank Baskin working with Hardwood Flooring
Randy Hembree getting the ceramic tile started

David Hamlyn & Marvin Walker putting down shoe moulding
Mike Brazelle triming the window

 Pat Paton and homeowner Myra Word
Pat Paton and Marvin Walker putting down hardwood flooring

Ernie Jahnke moving hardwood flooring materials
Jerry Kapp setting up air hoses to go to work
 Marvin Walker and Mike Brazelle laying hardwood flooring
David Hamlyn and Jerry Kapp setting up the work site

Every Habitat home in Tuscaloosa has a "safe room" bolted to 
a slab of concrete and wrapped in steel, they are able
to withstand an E-5 tornado!
Pat Paton and Marvin Walker move the chop saw
Mike Brazelle had a visitor, a new meaning to building "green"!
Relaxing at the "Palace" Pat Paton and Marvin 
Walker play a friendly game of pool.

Jerry Kapp working on the ceramic tile
Frank Baskin inspects the new hardwood floor!
Frank Baskin uses his time to catch up on his reading
 Randy Hembree's knees are killing him but he 
keeps laying that ceramic tile!

Marvin's having fun!
Pat works with the tile

Pastor David Hamlyn nails down the shoe moulding 
Frank Baskin screws up the door locks with power!

Ernie Jahnke works the knobs!
The 13th Century Flemish Stained Glass window 
in First Presbyterian Church of Tuscaloosa!

The team starts the day at the Nero house:  Pat Paton, 
Mike Brazelle, Marvin Walker, Jerry Kapp, Ernie Jahnke
Randy Hembree, David Hamlyn, Frank Baskin.
 The Nero house is looking good!

Ernie learns a little NY accent from Chris from SC via NYC.
The SC team from Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Mauldin, SC. 
We worked with them in October 2011, what a great bunch!

Our Spruce Pine Team from the top:  Pat Paton, Mike Brazelle, Ernie Jahnke, Marvin Walker, Frank Baskin, Nancy from PA, Randy Hembree, Peter Salame from VA, Jerry Kapp, David Hamlyn
A light moment just before hitting the road for NC : Marvin Walker, Randy Hembree, Ernie Jahnke, Frank Baskin, Jerry Kapp, David Hamlyn, and Pat Paton. (Mike Brazelle was the photographer)

Two preachers compare notes on how much they have done that day. 
David Hamlyn shows Chris Berardi from Mauldin, SC how little he has gotten by with that day!
 Pat Paton gave his all, fortunately he revived 
for the afternoon shift!