Report on Thursday travel.

   Greetings from Cherokee, NC.  Everything went well Thursday.  I left the shop about 4:30 PM after a short prayer with my good friend Glenn.  It was pretty good.   There was one incident where traveling through Asheville, I'd gotten behind two motorcycles - its always safer to ride in groups. They were a little overly cautious, staying in the slow lane. We got to where some 18 wheelers were in the passing lane to our left.  A large group of cars was trying to come onto the highway, and almost ran me off the road.   But there was space between two 18 wheelers to get out of the way.   Praise God! 

   My friend, Mark, met me at the KOA campground in Cherokee about 9:00 Thursday night.   We had good fellowship, and good food.  I had to wait a long time to eat.  But it was well worth it. 

   Please pray for my son, Josh.  I've recently found out that his hernia has acted up, and will need surgery this week or next week, depending on when they can get him in. 

   We're going to meet 100-300 riders in front of the ceremonial grounds in Cherokee.  We will be traveling through the Ocoee River Valley.  On our way to Cleveland we'll meet a group of probably similar size from Georgia.  From there we all go into the Harley Davidson dealership in Chattanooga for live music, and food, and vendors.  

   God Bless everyone;  Thank you for your prayers, and I'll report again tomorrow.
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