Trail of Tears Update    Sunday

Good Morning.  I'm calling from Hot Springs, Arkansas, KOA camp ground.  We'll be leaving from here heading for Okmulgee, Oklahoma.  After that I'm going to see my 93 year old grandmother in Fort Worth, Texas. 

We left Tescambia, Alabama about 8 AM.  About 10 miles from the Alabama / Mississippi state line I saw a BMW motorcycle in front of me, out of nowhere, flip three times up in the air.  I just knew whoever was on that bike was dead.  This was in front of the last 20 bikes in the back of the pack.  Of course we all pulled over and started to help.  Praise the Lord - it was just a one  bike accident.  He has too heavy of a trailer that was making him fish tail.  It ended up making him lose control of his motorcycle and flip over it.  His wife suffered worse injuries.   He was just scuffed up; he had all the good riding gear, so he wasn't injured to badly.  I believe she broke her arm, possibly.  That was the only truly bad thing that happened on the ride so far, knock on wood. 

It was fairly nice weather, with just a little touch of rain in the very beginning in the morning.  On the rest of the way it cleared up and because of the rain, it was a good ride.

God Bless

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