Trail of Tears   Friday Update

   Good morning everyone from Chattanooga.  We had a very pleasant ride on Friday.  About 100 of us left Cherokee and met up with about 150 other riders from Georgia right after the Ocoee River, just before Cleveland TN.  Then we rode on into the Harley Davidson dealership.  There were probably about 300 people there.

   We made a lot of good friends.  I met some CMA riders (Christian Motorcycle Association) that came from Kansas.  They are staying in our hotel rooms.  They are going all the way to Oklahoma just like we are.  So that was really cool.

   It looks like we are going to have fairly pleasant weather starting out.  Looks like we may hit a little bit of rain, so please continue to pray for our safety.

   I'll call in another report Sunday morning.  I love you all.  God Bless.

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