Monday, Nov 10, 2008

   We got started at 8:00 AM, and met the family we are working with. They worked with us in the morning, but in the afternoon they weren't back.

   We started out on an existing floor system.  All the walls were laid out for us - top and bottom plates, and some of the headers were already built.  We had to build the walls, and set them up, which we did quickly.  We had an exterior wall crew, an interior wall crew, and a paint crew.  The paint crew was getting the siding primed, ready to hang tomorrow.   

   The roof trusses were starting to be set by lunch, and finished soon after lunch.  Then work started on roof sheeting and exterior sheeting.  We had half the roof sheeting done and one run of wall sheeting done.  After inspection, we'll felt that, so we have a dry place to work. 

   All the electrical and plumbing is roughed in this afternoon.  There's a front porch being built across the whole front of the house.
It's going well.

   Pat Paton and Marvin Walker were among those on the roof.  Not many people want to work on the roof.    Frank Baskin is having a great time working inside.  He's physically tired, but doing well.   Pat's learning all kind of skills he'll be able to use to fix his bathroom when he gets back home. 

Lolly and her son, the home owners, at the start. Raising a wall.

Ernie Jahnke on the job. Marvin swinging a hammer.

Pat putting on cap plate How the house looked at Lunch Monday

Mid afternoon Monday End of the day on Monday