Friday, Nov 14, 2008

     Friday started like our other work days with much activity and anticipating the 3:00PM dedication service.  Doors, painting the final coat on walls and trim, base board, porch rails and kitchen cabinets were the order of the day.
    At about 10:30 Ernie let Marvin know that a vision problem was developing. After some evaluation and phone calls, an appointment was made with a retinal ophthalmologist in Slidell.   By noon, Ernie was diagnosed with a retinal detachment in his right eye.   By 3:00 PM he was back at the dedication ceremony with the initial treatment in place.  
   We traveled that evening to Birmingham AL, where we spent the night.   In the morning Ernie's eye was worse. We headed home where we were met in Hendersonville by Dr. Robert Laborde who has since repaired Ernie's retinal detachment.

   It was a fruitful week, a house was built and much fellowship was shared by the team. Every team member expressed their appreciation for the experience, all were glad to be home with their families.


Lunch across the street Lylie Nichols, homeowner, served Lunch to the work crew

Pat gives away his hat with the team's signatures Lylie's priest blesses the house, the family and the team

Marvin presents the bible signed by the entire team The finished product.