Thursday, Nov 13, 2008

   We met the drywall finishing crew as we came to work. They had done two houses in the night, ours and another blitz build. They looked tired, but we were ready to paint.  One crew detailed out the exterior (two coats of paint everywhere). Another crew began cleaning out the interior floors with scrapers, then priming the walls. We took down the scaffolding, began shaping up the grounds and working on the porches. The first coat of wall paint went on and the sub-floor for laminate and wonderboard for tile went down.  The kitchen cabinets arrived and we began their process by removing the hardware for staining and polyurethane. As we left, Pat met the ice cream man, introduced by the home owner Lylie Nichols.


Jerry Black, Frank Baskin (& John from Ohio) finishing up the exterior Frank Baskin can paint, see that Lila!

Reid Duncan speed painting Dr David Hoeppner cleans up in style

Pat Paton and Bill Lifsey work inside End of the day Thursday

Lylie Nichols (the home owner) introduces Pat to the ice cream man