Tuesday, Nov 11, 2008

   Tuesday we began by finishing the roof sheeting and nailing to code, every four inches, by hand, we use nail guns where safe, but the house was a beehive of activity. The electrical guys finished this morning, Heating and air did their whole rough out in two and a half hours. The house got hurricane straps and Tyvec wrap. Windows were installed and sealed in short order. The porch ceiling framed and sheeted. The roof was felted. One and three quarters exterior walls were sided with Hardy Board. Soffit was begun, and porch posts were installed. At the end of the day we moved a stack of 12 foot drywall sheets that was five feet high into the house from the street. We returned to Lagniappe Church facilities for lunch and dinner, we are only ten minutes from our work site. we are all sore but smiling!   We hope to have more to share tomorrow.

David Hoeppner making a plan The roof crew

Dr Arch Woodard on the roof The crew on the porch