In As Much work day - May 2, 2009

     Work involved clearing overgrowth
in front of the house, and hauling off trash.

Team:  Pat Paton, Reg Bezzola,
          Peter King, Scott Wray,
          David Hamlyn

Photos by Reg  Bezzola.

In the beginning.....
First, Walter rips out the old plumbing.

Floor is totally removed, including sub-floor.
Phil takes a breath before beginning to rebuild.

Marvin installs vinyl floor tile. 
Plumbers paradise under the bathroom.

   This project involved replacing the bathroom floor,
jacking up the sagging floor joists, replacing the tub
plumbing, replacing the vanity and the toilet. 

Team:  Walter Thompson, Phil White
            Frank Baskin, David Houser
            Marvin Walker
Photos by David Houser.
Phil and Walter in the home stretch,
with newer vanity and toilet.